Vintage Aerobatic Championship

Update!! U.S. Vintage Aerobatic Championship at Antique Airfield June 25th & 26th, 2021

    We have been hard at work in the planning and preparations for the US Vintage Aerobatic Championships, sponsored by the Antique Airplane Association (AAA) and the Air Power Museum (APM) here at Antique Airfield (IA27) near Blakesburg, IA on June 25th & 26th, 2021.
    Much of the preliminary planning is done including the following……
        1. Insurance, we have assurance of coverage, and a cost estimate for the same from our carrier.
            2. Our emergency services are lined up, and we await their SOG, to finish the FAA application for the aerobatic box.
            3. The Aerobatic Box location (see photo) will be to the N of the airport helping to prevent judges & spectators alike from having to look into the sun.
            4. Fuel will be available here on the field and will be provided by the crew from Classic Aviation of Pella & Oskaloosa, IA, the same great folks that provide fuel for the AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in.
            5. We are looking at a couple options for food/refreshments for the event, but for the Sat. night banquet, we plan a BBQ. Said BBQ will be courtesy of one of our great volunteers Josh Trail.
            6. We continue developing our plans for security, parking (both auto and plane), getting discounted hotel rooms in OTM, and how to handle identifying contestants, fly-in public & general public to keep everyone where they belong!
    There are a myriad of details yet to be accomplished, including registration costs, prizes and prize sponsors, plus those more mundane items which while not seen are important to the safety and enjoyment of the event.
    However, one of the most important aspects for any aerobatic contest are the sequences the contestants will fly. It is impotant for the contestants to know what those sequences are to be able to practice/prepare for the competition. So following are the sequences (and please excuse that I don’t know how to write in Aresti)……

Looping the Loop (Basic)
1. 1/2 Cuban 8
2. Hammerhead
3. Barrel Roll
4. Immelmann
5. 45 Down Line
6. Wingover
7. 180 Turn

Dancing the Cloverleaf (Intermediate)
1. Loop with 1/4 Roll on Upline
2. Hammerhead
3. Loop with 1/4 Roll on Downline
4. Immelmann
5. Barrel Roll
6. 1/2 Cuban 8
7. Slow Roll
8. Loop with 1/4 Roll on Downline
9. Loop with 1/4 Roll on Upline

Rolling the Circle (Advanced)
1. Avalanche
2. 1/2 Cuban 8
3. 4 Point Roll
4. Hammerhead
5. Hammerhead with 1/4 Roll Up & 1/4 Roll Down
6. Cuban 8
7. 180 Rolling Turn
8. Three Linked Rolls (slow, snap, barrel, or combination of)
9. Inverted turn with roll

Finally, if you plan on attending/competing, please send a photo of your aircraft, where you will be attending from, and what category you plan to fly, to It helps with our planning and will be posted on our website at;
    Start practicing and see you in June !
                                                              Brent Taylor