Williams Bio

Russell Williams
Bellevue, WA

Russell has been an old airplane nut since approximately 1995, when he thought, “I’m bored with flying 172s and want to try something different.”  The outcome was getting involved with a Stinson 108-3, learning to fly tailwheels, and flying all over the west coast.  The first taste of a radial powered aircraft came in approximately 1998, and ever since Russell’s shirts have been stained with oil droplets.  Russell’s been flying to Blakesburg for 16 years and wouldn’t miss it.  When Seattle is in its long rainy season, he has recently been building new wings for a 1936 Porterfield 35-70 named “Spinach”, and as a longer-range project, has been working on a new wing and frame-up restoration on a 1929 St. Louis Cardinal C-2-110.

Outside of airplanes, Russell has developed software and later led complex software projects, including cofounding two technology startups.  Most recently, he had the opportunity to combine interests and he’s now building drones for a living with Amazon, working on autonomous package delivery drones.

Russell is honored to have the opportunity to give back to the AAA.